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Our breath is our life-giving source and our connection to our true essence. With Breathwork, which is concious and controlled breathing, you can access non-ordinary states of consciousness. Turning down the part of the brain and the mind, our inner critic, that is not truly us. And starting to tune into our heart and intuition, to listen, to see, to feel,

to remember, to re-connect.


Through our breath we cannot only detoxify our body, but also release so many blocked emotions and stuck energies to increase our mind-body-connection and to feel free and light.


Suppressed emotions and trauma can get trapped in the body causing you to repeat old patterns. Using conscious and controlled breathing can help to unlock old emotional baggage, it can help to open your heart so you can be your true and authentic self.



When I did my first Breathwork session, I was basically in shock at what alone one session just did to me. I remember exactly how I felt afterwards: I felt so much release, clarity, ease and truly connected to myself, and all of that at once. And I just knew: this is it, I want know and learn everything about it and share this gift with the world!


My mission is to hold a safe space to support you to unlock what is truly there. That you can clearly see, feel and be your most authentic self. To help open up that path of a life changing process, to unlock your true potential. Because isn’t this what we all deserve? To live this life to the fullest?

I believe if we connect to our inner guidance, getting in touch with our intuition, we will experience so much clarity, insights and wisdom. It's already there, within us. We just need to listen.

Palo Santo stick on fire with smoke in a beautiful candlestick. Healing, meditation, relax




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