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The truth is, Breathwork is something
that’s pretty hard to be described...

When I did my first Breathwork session, I was basically in shock at what alone one session just did to me. I remember exactly how I felt afterwards: I felt so much release, clarity, ease and truly connected to myself, and all of that at once. And I just knew: this is it, I want to know and learn everything about it and share this gift with the world!


I went through a lot of inner work and transformation myself (and still am!), and that’s why I feel called to share this powerful practice with others.


My mission is to hold a safe space to support you to unlock what is truly there, your full potential. That you can clearly see, feel and be your most authentic self. To help open up that path of a life-changing process. Because isn’t this what we all deserve, to live this life to the fullest?!

I believe if we connect to our inner guidance, getting in touch with our intuition, we will experience so much clarity, insights and wisdom. It's already there, within us. We just need to listen.



During a session I will support you to activate that inner gateway with the power of your breath. And where I feel the intuition I will also apply REIKI energy individually, which can support your energy flow even more to release what needs to be released.

I know, sometimes it need a little courage to step into the unknow. It take courage to be vulnerable, to feel emotions, to speak your truth. So, I invite you to be curious and open-hearted. To trust this process and to allow yourself to feel more again, to connect to your Self.

It's what is needed, more than ever before.

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